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CR Day School Thematic Calendar

Each theme will be reinforced through books, creative stories, art projects, guest visitors, hands on science projects, poetry and typical daily classroom activity.  Please note that activities include but are not limited to the following:

September: Getting to Know ME and Safety!

This month will be dedicated to learning about each child as an individual.  The focus will be on likes/dislikes, pets, siblings, parents, favorite foods, vacations,….this will attempt to bring children closer by learning about each classmate, yet will also allow each teacher to become more familiar with the child’s home life; build connections between school and home.  Firemen and police officers will be guest visitors this month to talk to the children about safety, stranger danger and using 911.  It is crucial children get the chance to see both firemen and policemen in uniform to avoid being scared to interact with them.  The children will be able to explore a fire truck with the supervision of both teachers and firemen.

October: Old West Days!

This month we will have fun discovering the old west.  We will explore mountains, gold mining, desert plants and cactus, and stories and pictures about the wild west.  We will have an old west family day…dress up like cowboys and cowgirls,  enjoy a day of pony rides, petting zoo, singing cowboy and an old grub lunch.  Parents are invited to attend and participate.  Even dad are needed to help grill out!   On Oct 30th we will have a “harvest party”.  Children will be invited to dress up in friendly costume only and we will parade to all the classrooms to show off our fancy costumes.  We will have a class pumpkin decorating contest, again all parents are encouraged to participate!  Also, the season fall will be a focus this month.

November:  Harvest Days!

This month we will focus on harvesting and thanksgiving.  We will take this month to reflect on what we are most thankful for in our lives.  We will read and learn about the Pilgrims and Indians that first started the Thanksgiving tradition.  With the help of parents and grandparents, we will celebrate together a traditional thanksgiving feast with turkey and all the trimmings!! Our pre-kindergarteners will perform a short skit, re-enacting the first pilgrimage.

December:  Christmas and the Gift of Giving!

The month of December will highlight the change of seasons, welcoming winter.  We will also focus on the joys of Christmas but will also explore additional holidays to support, respect and celebrate other religious holidays.  Please see the director to share your personal ideas and practices.  The Hiawatha Day School will adopt a needy family for the holiday.  This will involve all children and families and will teach the gift of giving.  This month we will also be performing our Christmas Musical program.  2’s-prekindergarten will be performing.

January:  Winter Wonderland and Healthy Mind and Body!

This month will focus on activities and events that happen in the winter.  We will explore places that are cold and the animals and people who inhabit cold places.  We will also focus on healthy habits this month, although it is always incorporated into our daily program.  We will discuss healthy foods, dental care, personal hygiene and fun exercises to keep the body moving.  Children will have the chance to create and take part in making healthy fun recipes.

February:  Cooking Up Love, Kindness and MANNERS!

This month we will focus on Valentine’s Day and reaching out to give to our community.  Children will make art projects to share with St. Luke’s patients and senior homes.  Each class will be focusing on manners.  The pre-kindergarten class will put those polite manners to the test by presenting a TEA PARTY to all the mom’s of the class.  The pre-kindergarteners will perform a few poems and songs prior to the tea party.  This month will also include an introduction of President’s Day and Martin Luther King day for our preschoolers.  This month children will get various opportunities to bake and cook up some fun and child friendly recipes with their teachers and parent helpers.  Many of the Tea Party treats will be made especially by the pre-kindergarten class.  This is a great way to practice measuring and following sequential directions.  The kids will be able to sample their own creations! One guest just might be one of Cedar Rapid’s finest bakers and pasty chef to give a demonstration!

March:  Space and Science

This month will be focusing on space, our universe and our solar system.  The children will enjoy guest speakers presenting science experiments to help children understand space and science.  Art projects, books and activities will support this theme while sparking interest and discovery for each child.

April:  Look at Me Grow!

This month we will be learning about spring and mother nature.  A small garden will be planted and maintained with the help of our children.  We will study about rain; how and why it rains.  We will take a close look at other types of weather.  This is a great time to make height charts for each child.  To explore sizes and shapes.  This month we will also perform a spring musical.  We will have a guest visitor to bring baby chicks for the children to observe.  At the end of April, we will have a Father’s Breakfast.  This day, all fathers or grandfathers are welcome to bring their child to school and enjoy breakfast together.  After a complimentary breakfast, child and father will head to their classroom where they will together complete a project that will be given to mom for Mother’s Day.

May:  Around the World in 30 Days!

Not quite but we will focus on places around the world.  China, Europe, Mexico and Africa.  We will celebrate Cinco De Mayo with piñatas and a Mexican themed lunch.  As we study each place, we will sample foods, read books, look at maps, feel and touch items from those parts of the world, see pictures of children from that part of the world and create art projects that reflect their culture.  Also, in May will be having an art walk.  This evening will showcase special art projects your child has crafted throughout the year.  We invite all parents, siblings, grandparents to take part in our art walk.   The children will be so proud to escort you through their school while their art is on display.