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CRDS Policies

The Director of The Cedar Rapids Day School will offer tours by appointment or to drop-in visitors, provided the Director is not already with a scheduled appointment. The Director will answer any questions a perspective client may have at this time.

A registration form must be completed and signed by both the parent and director to enroll. A non-refundable registration fee is required at the time of registration.

Each registering family will receive a school brochure and an emergency information form. The emergency information form must be completed prior to the first day of attendance. Also, each child ages 5 and under require an admission physical examination report to be submitted within 30 days from the date of admission, signed by licensed medical doctor or advanced registered nurse practitioner. The date of the exam shall be no more than 12 months prior to the first day of attendance at the preschool. The written report must include past health history, status of present health including allergies, medications, and acute or chronic conditions, and recommendations for the continued care when necessary. Annually thereafter, a statement of health conditions, signed by a licensed medical doctor or advanced registered nurse practitioner, shall be submitted that includes any change in functioning, allergies, medications or acute or chronic conditions.

At anytime a family may choose to withdrawal from The Cedar Rapids Day School by giving a two week notice to the Director in writing. If a family chooses to withdrawal without a two-week notice they will be obligated to pay tuition for those two weeks.

If for any reason a child becomes a threat to any staff member or enrolled children, an immediate termination will be made. The director will give both a written and verbal notice to the family. If for any reason a parent becomes a threat to staff members or to enrolled children or families within our preschool an immediate termination will also be made.

If in the event the Director feels the school can no longer care for a child due to specific parental behavioral reasons such as failure to obey school policies, use of profanity, rude or disrespectful behavior to the people of our school, failure to park and drive carefully in the school vicinity or makes payments repeatedly late, the Director will give a termination notice.

The Cedar Rapids Day School reserves the right to discontinue or refuse services. Any such decision would be made to improve morale, harmony and possibly to encourage a family a more appropriate placement, should a child have multiple special needs. We will however, make an effort to provide for children with special needs provided we have the appropriate facilities and the teacher is sufficiently trained and willing to provide the extra necessary service. We will consider each request on an individual case-by-case basis.
Parents have the right to unlimited access to their children and to the provider caring for their children during the center’s hours of operation or whenever their children are in the care of a provider, unless parental contact is prohibited by court order. We invite all parents to participate in school activities and volunteer their help. Our door is always open to our families, for both announced and unannounced visits.
The Cedar Rapids Day School utilizes a positive approach to discipline. The Director and staff are prepared to teach all children what is acceptable behavior through both word and deed. The school program is designed to encourage and guide children lovingly and consistently to success with positive reinforcement. If in the event further discipline is needed beyond redirection and verbal communication between the child and staff, we will use a time-out method.

If a serious and repetitive discipline problem should occur, a meeting between parents, teacher and Director will be scheduled. If the problem persists without progress or resolution, a family may be asked to withdrawal their child from our preschool.

The Cedar Rapids Day School will pride itself on encouraging and providing healthy foods. We believe habits start at young ages, it is our intention to provide our children with the knowledge to make good food choices. The school will provide two healthy snacks a day as well as a nutritious, healthy lunch in compliance of Dept of Health Services.

If a birthday celebration or holiday allows for treats to be served, we will request healthy alternatives be offered. We will also be mindful of any food allergies children may have.

Our front door is locked from the outside and requires an assigned access card to enter the school. Each family will provided access cards when a child is registered. We ask all our parents, staff members, visitors and guests to keep safety one of our greatest concerns. Do not share the access card with anyone other than the parent of child. All other guest will need to call for an appointment.

  • Walk your child to her/his classroom and be sure he is acknowledged by his teacher.
  • Be careful when backing up from a parking space. Drive slowly in the school vicinity.
  • Children are to walk with their parent to and from their classroom when either picked up or dropped off.
  • Children are never to be unsupervised by parents in our school.
  • Hold your child’s hand when walking through the parking lot.

The Director will be in the office located at the front of the school at most times of the day and making constant rotations throughout the school. A child will not be released to a person other than their parent, unless written notice has been given by the parent, and the person picking up the child has proper identification. This is a serious requirement and no exceptions will be made.

All classrooms will be adequately staffed under the ratio guidelines provided by DHS. All staff will be trained in CPR and First Aid.

Medication may be given at school, but only in a carefully prescribed manner. Though we prefer parents to administer medications at home or on lunch breaks, if necessary we will do so as long as:

  • The prescription is in the original container and is prescribed to the child.
  • Written consent is given by parent and includes dosage and times the prescription is to be given

We will have a locked container where all medications must be kept. Do not send any medications; prescription or over the counter with your child or in their bag. See the Director for proper paper work for medication administering and Epi pens.

Sicknesses such as chicken pox, flu, fever, etc will be posted to notify parents of possible exposure. Head lice, or any outbreak of communicable illnesses will be logged and the Health Department will be notified.

If a child becomes ill at school, a parent will be notified and expected to pick up their child immediately (within one hour of notification). An ill child will be kept separately in the office area with the Director until parent arrives. For the well being of all children and staff members, children who are sick with fever, diarrhea, bad cough, upset stomach or vomiting, diagnosed with a bacterial infection and placed on antibiotics may not attend or return to school for at least 24 hours after the fever or symptoms have subsided. We appreciate all your efforts to keep our school a healthy environment.

Staff will assist children in washing their hands immediately before eating, after using the restroom and after outdoor play time and/or holding an animal.

At the time of enrollment all parents are required to provide the school with a complete health record and important information useful in the event of an emergency. It is very important to keep these cards up-to-date with current address, phone and emergency contact numbers.

All our staff will be trained in first aid to care for minor bumps, scrapes or bruises. Should an emergency arise, parents will be notified immediately and 911 called if necessary. A first aid kit will be kept in every classroom and in the playground area but where it is inaccessible to children.

In each classroom and program area in our school will be a posted evacuation plan in the event of a fire or tornado. We will have regular recorded fire and tornado drills. Staff will have annual training on these emergency plans. In addition to fire and tornado, the school will also plan evacuation procedures in a catastrophic event such as damage to the structure of the school, power outage, bomb threats, chemical spills or other disasters.

The Director will always have access to a portable file where emergency contact information for all children is kept. Should an emergency arise and evacuation from the building is necessary, the Director or assigned staff member will be sure this portable file is top priority when vacating as well as a cellular phone. Once safely evacuated from the building, parents will be notified.