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Our Programs & Curriculum

We’ve tailored our programs and curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of a young mind and body. Explore the sections below to learn more about the daily activities of each age group.

Infant Program

We realize leaving your infant for the day is not an easy thing to do. We’ll make sure your child gets the one-on-one attention he or she needs.


We’ve designed a special room to encourage free-movement and learning to walk. This “crawler room” separates these active little ones away from the infants and babies, so they can be free to roam around and experience all new things.

Early Preschool

These little “sponges” are rapidly developing speech and cognitive abilities. In our structured program, small-group learning encourages social and intellectual growth. We also have a restroom facility right in the room, so potty training will be a breeze.

Threes, Fours & Pre-K

Our preschool uses a thematic based curriculum which bridges learning with social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive development. This is where we shine. Preparing your children for school at an early age has a huge impact on their success and self-esteem once they reach school age.


We are pleased to offer a full-day, all-encompassing kindergarten program.  Our new kindergarten classroom is designed with a layout perfect for every early learner. We have shaped our program with parents’ top concerns about kindergarten in mind.